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PhlipUp- Auto Open & Close Travel Umbrella

By TrimFitLife

PhlipUp- Auto Open & Close Travel Umbrella

$25.99 $59.99

PhlipUp-New Prime Quality Auto Open & Close Travel Umbrella for Men, Women and Children-"UNBREAKABLE" 10 Rib Fiberglass Frame Construction-TÜV Tested 89MPH Windproof-Lightweight-Mini-Compact-Black

  • Tired of poor quality, leaking and flimsy fabric rain protection? This unique prime made one is proof that endurance does not have to cost much extra. WELL MADE With EXCELLENT STITCHING WORKMANSHIP AND RIGHT CHOICE OF MATERIALS IS OF MAIN IMPORTANCE. Most umbrellas are made with 6, 8 or sometimes 9 ribs...but... PhlipUp is DESIGNED WITH TEN TO STAND UP TO EXTREME WEATHER WITHOUT TEARING. All ribs are made with resin reinforced fiberglass. This gives a HUGE advance in flexibility and tolerance.
  • PhlipUp is WIND TESTED BY TÜV RHEINLAND IN THEIR HIGH TECH LABORATORY and documented to endure gusts up to 89mph until fabric breaks and 22mph before flipping inside and out! It's easily flipped back to its original concave shape without being damaged. In other words near to indestructible! This will be your lifetime companion and that's why you get an infinite Lifetime Guarantee when buying the ULTIMATE UV, RAIN AND STORM PROOF SUPERHERO. ADD TO CART RIGHT NOW WHILE AVAILABLE AND IN STOCK!
  • CERTIFIED WITH SUPERIOR 100% WATERPROOF DUPONT TEFLON TECHNOLOGY -Made with best 210T Pongee Polytetrafluoroethylene Coated Polyester. This makes the PhlipUp one of the best water repellent alternatives on the market. The canopy is barely getting wet due to the advanced high tech surface layer used. It fits perfect in the glove compartment of your car, laptop bag, college backpack, business briefcase, gym sack, golf bag, purse or vacation luggage. BUYING MORE THAN ONE? DISCOUNT COUPONS BELOW
  • ERGONOMIC EXTRA LONG RUBBERIZED HANDLE WITH NON-SLIP RUBBER COMFORT GRIP AND ATTACHED LOOPED WRISTLET FOR EASY CARRYING. The automatic unfold & fold button responds instantly and quickly using one hand only. Push the button once to automatically extend and press again to instantly fold the sturdy canopy closed. DIMENSIONS and Size: Closed Length: 12", Open Length: 23" Canopy Open Diameter: 44" Weight: 16 oz. ALWAYS SHIPS FROM USA WHEN ORDERED.
  • DESIGNED WITH QUALITY AND CARE. We are a Trusted Company Making Highest Quality innovative everyday use unisex gear for active people, young and old. PhlipUp is a Great Gift for Everyone and a Best Seller in our product catalog! WITH THE LOW TENSION SPRING SYSTEM IT MAKES IT EASY FOR TEENS AS WELL AS SENIORS WHEN CLOSING THE TELESCOPING HANDLE TO DENSE POSITION.VIP CARD included with 100% HASSLE FREE INFINITE WARRANTY. It's delivered in a sleeve and protective, stylish bonus case.

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