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Running For Success

Running isn’t just for runners anymore.  Running just three days a week for 30 minutes has been proven to help maintain healthy weight as well as improve attitude and motivation.  In short, running can help you become happier, healthier and more successful to.  Here’s how.


For Health

Running is not just an athlete’s sport.  Although you probably won’t win the Boston Marathon, running can be a very healthy activity whether you choose to compete in races or not.  In order to achieve optimal health benefits from running, you will want to work yourself up to a level of being able to run at least 30 minutes at a stretch, three or four days a week.


The best part about running is that you can do it anywhere with just a pair of good shoes.  Go to your local running store and have them fit you into the right pair to ensure that you don’t cause injury from inadequate shoes.  The key here is not to have the cheapest shoes, the most expensive shoes or the nicest looking shoes, but to have the right shoes for your feet.


For Attitude

Running, above many other sports, can help develop a happier, healthier attitude towards life.  If you can motivate yourself to get out there to run three days a week, you can do anything.  Most people find that after they have been running for a few weeks that it becomes addicting.  You will enjoy the control you have over yourself and will crave more.  It can be most rewarding when you get out on the streets in inclement weather and brave a drizzle or windy day.  The lessons you learn from running will help you be a more positive person and will teach you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


If you run with a negative attitude, you’ll find that you won’t get very far or you will walk a great chunk of the way.  In order to convince yourself to keep on running, you’ll find yourself telling yourself positive things, looking forward to the hills and forcing yourself to think that running is your favorite activity, even if it isn’t.  The amazing thing that will start to happen is that you will start to believe it.  After awhile, you won’t be forcing yourself to run, you really will enjoy it and look forward to it.


Once you reach this level, you will find yourself with a more positive attitude towards just about everything.  Running is one of the best attitude adjustments there is.  Once you start to look forward to running up those hills because it is going to make you stronger and faster, you’ll find yourself thinking positively about all aspects of your life such as dealing with problem clients at work.  Instead of getting irritated, you will begin to think about what you could say to calm them down, make them happy and move on to the next client.


For Motivation

After you conquer the first 30 minutes of non-stop running, you will probably find yourself wondering if you could run further or faster.  Most people can find a 5k or 10k race within driving distance almost every weekend and this can help you gauge how fast you can run.  These races can serve as a great motivator for you and your newfound hobby.  Run your first one without regard for time, just finish.  After that, you will probably find yourself looking to improve your personal best and you will easily be able to find more races whenever you are ready to challenge yourself.

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